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Though it may not seem like it, paint is one of the most used items in the country.

Americans use more than 1.57 billion tons of paint, causing paint disposal to be a real problem. 

Unfortunately, a good part of unused paint ends up in the trash.

From unused partial cans to old color samples you forgot you had, you’ve probably had to dispose of paint at least once a year. 

While it may seem easy, toss it in the trash, and you’re done! – there’s a little more that goes into paint disposal.

When disposing of paint, never pour it down your drain or toss it into the recycling bin with the rest of the household waste.

Determine the Type of Paint Disposal

Determine the Type of Paint disposal

Most paints are either latex-based or oil-based.

Each combination has a different paint disposal method that you should follow.

• Solidify Latex Paint

If the paint is latex-based, solidify it before you dispose of it.

If only a little paint is left in the can, leave the lid off and let it dry.

However, if the can has only been partially used, you can mix in a solidifying agent like sawdust to speed up the process.

Once the latex paint has been solidified, it can be easily disposed of with the rest of your non-recyclables.

• Oil-based Paints

Oil-based paints contain enamel, lacquer, shellac, and varnish.

These materials make them combustible substances and must be disposed of as hazardous waste.

This also applies to spray paints and artist paints – like oil-based paints, which are also considered hazardous waste.


Sustainable Waste Disposal Practices in Springfield, Missouri

Sustainable Waste Disposal Practices in Springfield, Missouri

In the rapidly evolving city of Springfield, Missouri, waste disposal has taken a sustainable turn with a focus on recycling and proper discarding methods.

Local businesses are stepping up, offering various sustainability services to ensure that waste, including non-hazardous and radioactive types, is managed responsibly.

Often considered toxic, paint waste is now handled with enhanced safety measures.

Residents are encouraged to participate in local collection events, where items like water-based paint containers and fluorescent tubes can be safely discarded.

These initiatives contribute to a cleaner environment and help declutter spaces, creating a healthier community.

With numerous disposal options available, Springfield is setting an example for other cities to follow in the pursuit of environmental conservation.

The commitment to recycling and waste management reflects the city’s dedication to its residents and the environment.

However, these efforts are not limited to businesses and city services alone. Residents are urged to play their part, properly disposing of waste and recycling wherever possible.

We can ensure that Springfield, Missouri remains a beacon of sustainability and responsible waste management.

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