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We broadside cleanout junk with the force of a cannonball.

What We Do for Junk Removal Cleanouts

The Junk Pirates come to your rescue for cost-effective removal of junk, debris, and trash for a complete home or business cleanout.

Nothing can blow us down in the amount of accumulation and debris that needs to be cleared away. In other words, we have seen it all.

Fear not as our removal of junk business picks up what you need hauled away from wherever it is; you don’t handle a thing. We recognize you have better things to deal than to be involved with a cleanout.

We are especially passionate about estate clearance and hoarder cleanouts. We understand sensitivity and compassion are called for during this difficult time. We go the extra mile no matter what job you may need to be done. We know people’s needs aren’t the same, so we listen to your concerns and preferences.

We are very honored to be your local Springfield, MO, junk removal company to assist you from the beginning to end with your unwanted junk cleanouts. We are committed to providing you the best results for your cleanout needs. We pledge on-time service while bringing positive changes to your surroundings.

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The Removal of Junk
for Cleanouts Benefits


Studies show cluttered areas collect dust, pet dander, and even mold. These types of containments are especially troublesome in spaces with carpet, upholstery, and bedding. When these areas are not regularly cleaned, the dirt can trigger breathing difficulties, decrease the air quality, and lead to airborne diseases. Cluttered basements and garages worsen allergies and asthma from dampness leading to dangerous mold.

Pests, such as ants, termites, spiders, mice, and rats, love clutter. They hide in cardboard boxes, old furniture, piles of paper, and other debris. Pest control can ease some of the problem, but a full house cleanout will do much more forever ridding the pest homes, so they have no place to hide. We cleanout your problem areas to help better your health for the future.


When a family member has to declutter and remove unwanted stuff from a loved one’s

property, they may get overwhelmed and neglect getting it done. Our junk removal cleanout service gently helps them clear out unwanted items through our recycle and donation programs. We take our time and can make several visits, so we don’t have to do it all at once. We do the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. We have your back and promise to make the cleanout process as easy and stress-free as possible.


Heirs usually sell the house after the death of a loved one. Selling property long-distance is stressful when having to maintain an empty house long distance. Before listing the house with a real estate agency, the home must be cleaned thoroughly. Our cleanout junk removal services eliminate junk and debris from the entire house to get it ready for the real estate market.

We also work with real estate agents responsible for selling the property. We make sure your clients’ houses are ready for sale.

Three Reasons our cleanouts junk removal service is different

Forklift icon.

We are Equipped

Most corporate junk companies don’t remove anything that requires more than two people to lift. We have the needed equipment to lift just about anything—even a pirate ship!


Hazardous Materials

Biohazard services are an important part of the junk removal process. We are specially trained to handle biohazards quickly and efficiently to minimize your health and safety risks.

Mold remediation icon.

Mold Remediation

Mold can be a serious health hazard. We remove mold from your property, so you can rest easy knowing your home or business is safe again. 

We Do it All

A good pirate gets the job done. Our skills and training can handle the most challenging tasks. Let us know what service meets your fancy below.


Contact us to discuss your junk removal needs. We can give you a no-obligation estimate over the phone or a firm quote in person.

Schedule Your Pickup

Call (417) 815-5865 to schedule your pickup. Most days, we can come out the same day you call.

Get an Estimate

We provide a FREE estimate on the phone, or come out at no cost and give you a firm quote on-site.

Agree on Price

If you're happy with the price, we'll haul off your junk. If not, you have no obligation. It's really that easy.

Removal of Junk for Cleanouts

Estate Junk Removal Cleanout

  • Death of Loved One
  • Assisted Living Move
  • Nursing Home Move
  • Downsizing

We know how painful it can be when having to proceed with an estate cleanout. Moving, dismantling, cleaning, and having to get rid of clutter can be a baffling process. We are a local junk removal company that has patience, is considerate, and provides you and your loved ones with compassion and care. We are accustomed to helping you separate personal things and treasures from junk and other items you need removed.

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The Junk Pirates provide smooth and secure estate cleanout services, so you don’t have to fret about the pickup or dispose of anything. We remove unwanted items and clean out your estate without you having to lift a finger.

Undertaking an estate cleanout is time-consuming and costly. Cleaning and removing junk and clutter from a loved one’s estate can be a severe inconvenience, especially if you are out of town. Instead, why not ease your stress and worry by working with us—a professional local estate junk removal cleanout company?

Our estate cleanout service is transparent. Call (417) 815-5865 to arrange a pickup, which generally can be made on the same day. We will meet you at the property where you show us what you need to be removed. We will then provide you with a free estimate, and if agreed upon, we will remove your items from anywhere on your property. There is no obligation even for our travel time.

There is nothing else for you to do. It is unnecessary to move items anywhere for us. We will pick up anything where it sits.

If you cannot be at the property at the time of the pickup, we will agree on a price. We will then pick up the items at a scheduled time as long as there is a way to enter the property, or the items have been moved outside and identified as the junk to take. We properly dispose of every item that includes recycling and donating.

Foreclosure / Eviction Junk Removal Cleanout

  • Apartment Units
  • Rental Properties
  • Condos
  • For Sale Properties

Clearing out property is an essential part of the selling process. However, when it comes to foreclosures or evictions, this task is not so simple, placing a significant burden on many individuals.

Whether you are a real estate agent or homeowner attempting to sell a home or commercial property, you know getting rid of leftover junk is a tremendous job. Not only do you need to haul heavy items, but you likewise need to make sure nothing is damaged in the process.

The Junk Pirates provide a competent, safe, and eco-friendly foreclosure and estate cleanout service that eliminates you from the apprehension of having to undertake the problem yourself.

Our hauling professionals assure that all furniture, electronics, carpets, trash, and other items are removed from the property so you can focus on making a sale.

Landlords, realtors, and other real estate professionals recognize that preparing foreclosed properties for purchase usually involve having to deal with what the former homeowners left behind.

Unfortunately, many times abandoned property is left in a mess that requires repairing and cleaning. Hauling away items left behind is also needed.

The nature of foreclosure transactions is complex and time-sensitive. Mortgage companies and real estate agents often need the property cleared on short notice to be completed with a strict turnaround time-frame. We are a good fit for this situation, as many times we can arrive to remove what is needed the same day you call us.

We can take everything that needs to be eliminated and disposed of properly, even hazardous waste like paint and kerosene. 99.9% of junk removal companies, including large corporate firms like 1-800-gotjunk, DO NOT handle these sensitive substances.

We are trained on how to dispose of hazardous materials appropriately, so you don’t have to worry about having to hire an additional service after working with a junk removal company. Why double your efforts?

Our work is quick and efficient, which we know is vital during this time-sensitive process. We are fully insured, trained pirates that clean out unwanted foreclosure and eviction items professionally and courteously.

Examples of Cleanout Items We Take

  • chairs
  • tables
  • carpet
  • bookcases
  • clothes
  • electronics
  • appliances
  • paper
  • decor
  • kitchen items
  • scrap metal
  • couches
  • plumbing fixtures
  • rugs
  • books
  • dishes
  • freezers
  • gym equipment
  • shoes
  • mattresses
  • hot tubs
  • aquariums
  • dishwashers
  • refrigerators
  • lawn equipment
  • computers
  • televisions
  • cell phones
  • printers
  • wall mirrors

Office Space Junk Removal Cleanout

  • Relocation Cleanouts
  • Downsizing Cleanouts
  • Upgrading Equipment / Furniture Cleanouts

If you desire your office space cleared of junk and clutter, search no further than The Junk Pirates. Let us complete all the heavy lifting, loading, and hauling. We eliminate all undesirable items and clutter and then finish up by sweeping the floors of all debris. Whatever you require cleared, we can deal with it. And depending on the amount of your office cleanout, we can dispose of individual pieces or complete several hauls if necessary.

Many times when you relocate from one place to another, you realize a bulk of your former office appliances and furniture are no longer appropriate for your new space. If you have come to this realization, then it’s time to make your move easier by hiring The Junk Pirates located in Springfield, MO.

We are the number one choice for office junk cleanouts. We make the entire process as simple as possible for you.

At the time of your appointment, our experts show up at your office to review what you want removed and offer a free, up-front estimate. If we agree with the price, we are ready to get to work immediately. If not, there is no obligation, even for our travel time.

Retail Space Junk Removal Cleanout

  • Restaurant Cleanouts
  • Retail Stores Cleanouts
  • Out of Business Cleanouts
  • Remodeling Projects

Smart retailers get rid of old fixtures, carpeting, small appliances, furniture, and office equipment, by hiring a local Springfield junk removal company instead of having their employees do it who should be working with the public.

The most common problem with clutter and junk for retail stores is their backroom area filling with boxes, accessories, and used packaging materials. For this reason, retail managers like to set up a recurring pickup with us to keep the backroom clean and productive so that there is more storage space and easier to find products for customers instantly.

Retailers also use us if they are downsizing or changing displays. We arrive to breakdown and dispose of your unwanted clutter. We work quickly and efficiently so as not to intrude on your everyday operations.

Sometimes retailers are forced to have a clearance sale or auction. We remove unsold merchandise, unwanted displays, broken fixtures, furniture, and garbage. We keep your employees protected by having them avoid carrying items themselves. We, and only we, do the heavy, dirty lifting. It makes sense to have your salespeople generating revenue instead of hauling trash.

After we remove your unwanted items, we sift through the pile to decide what we can recycle, such as electronics and metals. Landfills are the last resort in our book.

We also remove commercial-grade restaurant kitchen equipment, furniture, and clutter.

Running a business is demanding enough without worrying about accumulating clutter and junk. Leave the waste to us so you can focus on what matters—growing your business!

Final Thoughts

For retail junk cleanouts, like restaurants and clothing stores, you need to work with a junk removal business, you can depend on for great results. You receive quality service when you turn to The Junk Pirates for retail space junk cleanouts.


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We are here for you and look forward to helping you with ALL your junk removal needs. Call today to get started. Ahoy!

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