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Our pickup junk service comes to your home, office, or construction site and force the scalawags to walk the plank, banishing it forever.

Appliance Removal

  • Air Conditioners
  • Dishwashers
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Refrigerators

Carpet Removal

  • We Move Your Furniture
  • We Remove Old Carpet
  • We Return Your Furniture
  • We Dispose of Old Carpet

Construction Waste

  • Concrete Debris
  • Drywall Debris
  • Flooring Debris
  • Roofing Debris

E-Waste Removal

  • Computers
  • Copy Machines
  • Printers
  • Televisions

Furniture Removal

  • Bookcases
  • Chairs
  • Couches
  • Tables

Mattress Removal

Scrap Metal Removal

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Gold (treasure chest only ?)

Storm Cleanup

  • Flooding
  • Thunderstorms
  • Tornados
  • Winter Storms

Yard Debris Removal

  • Brush 
  • Leaves
  • Tree Branches
  • Storm Cleanup


We all know a pirate’s life can be dangerous. This is especially true when handling certain kinds of junk, like hazardous materials.

Most large corporate franchises, like the Canadian company 1-800gotjunk, do not pick up junk that may be hazardous. Instead, it is your problem to deal with, not theirs.

At The Junk Pirates, we think about your needs first. We not only pick up your hazardous materials, but we also dispose of them properly through the legal municipality system.

What is Household Hazardous Waste?

The City of Columbia, MO Environmental Services states:

Always read the product labels. Signal words to look for on the label are DANGER, POISON, WARNING, or CAUTION. Products are considered hazardous if they have one or more of the following properties:

Flammable/ combustible
– can be easily set on fire
Explosive/ reactive – can detonate or explode through exposure to heat, sudden shock, pressure, or incompatible substances
Corrosive – chemical action can burn or destroy living tissues or other materials when brought in contact
Toxic – capable of causing injury or death through ingestion, inhalation, or skin absorption

In other words, hazardous waste is anything that can be harmful to people and the environment.

The following is a list of what 1-800gotjunk and other large junk corporations do not pick up as a junk removal service:

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Automotive Products

  • antifreeze
  • auto or marine batteries
  • brake fluid
  • car wax and cleaners
  • gasoline
  • oil filters
  • transmission fluid
  • windshield washer fluid

Green radiator antifreeze in a car.

Photo by: EvelynGiggles / CC BY


  • disinfectant
  • flea collars
  • insect repellent          
  • insecticideColorful household pesticides icon.
  • mothballs
  • pet spray and dip
  • rodent poison
  • weed killer

Household Cleaners

  • drain opener
  • furniture polish and wax
  • oven cleaner
  • spot remover
  • toilet bowl cleaner
  • tub and tile cleaner

Miscellaneous Products

  • aerosol cans
  • arts & crafts materials
  • cosmetics
  • fluorescent bulbs
  • fluorescent lamp tubes
  • lighter fluid
  • pool chemicals
  • shoe polish
Home Improvement Products
  • adhesives
  • caulk
  • oil-based paint
  • paint thinner
  • stain
  • varnish

It may surprise you to realize how many hazardous materials are under your roof. You must dispose of these items properly to avoid a threat to human health and the environment.

Refer to the chart below provided by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to determine what makes up household hazardous waste.

Hazardous materials chart.
This chart offers a comprehensive breakdown of the specific characteristics that define a substance as dangerous.

Combustible Flammable Materials

Any substances that can ignite and burn easily like gasoline cans, propane tanks, and any other liquid with a flashpoint of more than 140 F are considered hazardous.

Corrosive Substances

Corrosive substances cause a chemical reaction when it comes into contact with other materials, like metal, that damages or destroys it. An example of a corrosive substance is the everyday household drain cleaner product. Drain cleaners are hazardous because of their capabilities of dissolving greases, proteins, or mineral deposits such as limescale inside water pipes.

Reactive Materials

Reactive materials undergo a rapid chemical change when exposed to heat, impact, friction, light, catalysts, or other initiation, causing them to explode. An example of reactive materials in your home is anything you have in aerosol cans, such as hairspray.

Toxic Materials

One of the most dangerous substances in your home are toxic materials. These are substances that can cause severe harm and even death. It’s scary to think about how common these substances are in your home, such as paint, antifreeze, motor oil, weed killers, and many cleaning products you have right underneath your kitchen sink.

Let Us Pickup Junk That 1-800gotjunk Won’t

Pirates are brave, reliable, and get the job done. We don’t cherry-pick what junk we pick up, and what junk we don’t. We say, “the rougher the seas, the smoother we sail!”

Also, a good deal of junk removal corporations, like 1-800gotjunk, won’t pick up bulky items if it requires more than two people to lift. We can pick up whatever you need us to pick up regardless of its size.

So keep calm and say ‘Arrr!’ We’re you’re home-based, local junk removal company born right here in America. Give us a ring to schedule a pickup—hazardous waste and all!


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We are here for you and look forward to helping you with ALL your junk removal needs. Call today to get started. Ahoy!

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