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What Our Moving Junk Removers
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A typical problem people don’t plan for at moving time is the amount of clutter and junk in the home. The act of organizing and packing boxes reveal the stuff you no longer desire to keep. It is challenging enough to figure out how to take care of everything during your move without having to choose what to take or not take.

Moving is tough work, especially if you do it yourself. It is exhausting packing everything into crates, enlisting individuals to assist you, and finding a truck big enough to fit everything. And just when you assume you’re done, you look around with your hands on your hips, and Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Where did all this junk come from??

What you are noticing is all the stuff you don’t want to bring into your new home. Now what? Leave everything just as it is and call The Junk Pirates at (417) 815-5865. We will swoop down from the crow’s nest and slash your junk until it disappears like magic. There is nothing else for you to do.

Leave the junk, leave the trash, leave the clutter. We will dispose of it all and tidy up afterward. Now you can concentrate on moving with a lot less stress.

You can also be confident we treat your leftovers responsibly instead of dumping your old belongings in the Springfield landfills. We recycle what can recycle and donate what we can donate. And we also dispose of everyday household hazardous materials!

Imagine on your moving day, walking into your garage where a pile of old paint sits. What do you do now? 1-800got junk doesn’t accept it like other corporate junk companies. But we do. That’s another reason to hire us!

The good news is that moving day is an excellent time to get rid of old possessions, junk, broken furniture, and other miscellaneous items. Just leave your leftover junk to us, and we will take care of it. And you don’t have to coordinate. Just leave it where it is, and our moving junk removers will pick it up as is.

We will also clear out spaces, such as:

✓ Garages
✓ Basements
✓ Attics
✓ Storage spaces
✓ Garden sheds

Woman packing to move vector.

Our Junk Removers
Moving Benefits


Trying to save money by removing, hauling, and getting rid of junk on their own can cause serious consequences. Many times you end up spending money on gas, truck rental, and people to help you. If you have a business and need your employees to remove junk from the property, you may have to pay overtime and risk injury liability. To save the hassle and money, hire a junk removal company instead of getting rid of items you don’t want to haul to your new location.


Preparing to move allows you to sort through items to see what you can donate. Broken

furniture can be given away and reused instead of being dumped in the landfill. Donation centers love clothes that can benefit someone in need. We handle everything that can be donated so you can concentrate on other moving demands.


Back injuries are the most common cause of back pain. Injuries occur when inactive back muscles are used in activities such as lifting a heavy object. Having a back injury during your moving process is unthinkable. We prevent potential back injuries and other accidents, like dropping something on your foot, by doing the hard work for you. We are trained to lift safely, and we have a forklift for extreme bulky items.

Three Reasons our junk removers are different

Forklift icon.

We are Equipped

Most corporate junk companies don’t remove anything that requires more than two people to lift. We have the needed equipment to lift just about anything—even a pirate ship!


Hazardous Materials

Biohazard services are an important part of the junk removal process. We are specially trained to handle biohazards quickly and efficiently to minimize your health and safety risks.

Mold remediation icon.

Mold Remediation

Mold can be a serious health hazard. We remove mold from your property, so you can rest easy knowing your home or business is safe again. 

We Do it All

A good pirate gets the job done. Our skills and training can handle the most challenging tasks. Let us know what service meets your fancy below.


Contact us to discuss your junk removal needs. We can give you a no-obligation estimate over the phone or a firm quote in person.

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Junk Removers for Moving

Your Big Moving Day

  • Single Family Homes
  • Condos
  • Apartments

There are three ways our experienced junk removers get rid of your junk when you move.

① BEFORE: During your packing and sorting before the big moving day, we help you get rid of items you no longer need. Just set out what you choose to leave behind, and we will take care of it for you.

Man moving heavy box with dolly vector.

② DURING: It’s inevitable during the physical move that you come across things you don’t want to take to your new home. We support you during this time removing trash, debris, and anything else you wish to leave behind.

③ AFTER: Now that you are in your new home and unloading, it’s common to discover items you prefer to get rid of. For example, that large dresser doesn’t fit, or you purchase a new couch that looks better. Just let us know, and we will be there in a jiffy to free you of your unwanted items. We likewise will get rid of moving boxes and packing materials.

Stress is one universal factor when moving to a new location, whether it’s your home, office, or warehouse. There are many details to plan for and arrange. Moving also exposes how much clutter you have that you don’t desire to take to your new location. When moving day arrives, and you recognize how much junk is leftover, what do you do?

The bottom line is that junk doesn’t belong in the moving truck. Why pay extra to move stuff you don’t even need? You could always make a trip to the landfill, but who has time for that? Plus, regret can come into play when you realize you are throwing away things that others could use or that could be recycled. Now you are part of the problem of filling up our landfills. Your stress is already high enough without the added guilt.

We suggest you call The Junk Pirates at (417) 815-5865. Our junk removers will pick up your unwanted junk before, during, or after your move. We make moving day a lot simpler by doing all the heavy lifting and disposing of items correctly. Call us when you get ready to move, and we’ll slash your junk to pieces.

Downsizing Junk Removal Moving Day

  • Empty Nest Move
  • Elderly Move
  • Tiny House Move
  • RV Travel

The trend today is to dream big and live small. Moving to a tiny home or choosing to travel the country full-time in an RV are popular ways to break traditional norms in the past of living in large spaces.

One of the more popular ways people downsize is becoming involved in the Tiny House movement. These custom-built homes, generally under 500 square feet, require individuals to reduce large amounts of their “stuff.”

Another way people downsize is when baby boomers find themselves in too large of a space after their children leave home. The desire to downsize becomes attractive as you choose which items to keep or get rid of.

Downsizing also occurs when an elderly person must move from their home into an assisted living facility or nursing home. During this time, it is typical of only taking a few precious items and leaving the rest behind for heirs or donate to charity. Seniors discover that downsizing meets their needs while residing in a more convenient space comfortably within their means.

During downsizing, clutter, debris, and junk are left behind that no one wants to handle. But we do. Our professional junk removers handle anything, and everything you want to leave behind during a downsize, including hazardous materials.

Everyone should declutter their lives once in a while and get rid of junk. Downsizing is a perfect opportunity to permanently rid yourself of clutter and junk you don’t want to keep. Just hand it over to The Junk Pirates, and we will deal with it for you.

Examples of Moving Items We Take

  • chairs
  • tables
  • carpet
  • bookcases
  • clothes
  • electronics
  • appliances
  • paper
  • decor
  • kitchen items
  • scrap metal
  • couches
  • plumbing fixtures
  • rugs
  • books
  • dishes
  • freezers
  • gym equipment
  • shoes
  • mattresses
  • hot tubs
  • aquariums
  • dishwashers
  • refrigerators
  • lawn equipment
  • computers
  • televisions
  • cell phones
  • printers
  • wall mirrors

College Dorm Junk Removal Moving Day

  • End of Year Junk Removal
  • Relocation Junk Removal
  • Janitorial Assistance Junk Removal

When it’s time to move out of dorm rooms, many students leave unwanted items behind, placing an overloaded burden on the janitorial crew to throw away. Not only is this inconvenient and added cost for the school, but it also adds unnecessary waste into our landfills.

The good news is that we can help with both situations.

College Students

When you’re a student, it seems before you realize it; you are moving again as each year turns into the next. It is natural to accumulate junk during your college years that many times gets left behind in a rush to move out.

Instead of leaving your junk abandoned in your dorm room, call us so we can take care of it for you. Leaving your junk behind for us eliminates the added stress of packing up once again. We will remove your trash too and donate or recycle anything we can that helps others and our planet.

Instead of running around discarding items in any trash can or dumpster, you can find, relax and leave your unwanted stuff to us. Our junk removers will pick up any sized junk you have.

Professional School Staff

After students move out, it is up to the school’s professional staff to access the damage and necessary cleanup. Unfortunately, many students leave a mess behind of unwanted junk and garbage. This problem can lead to an overwhelming job, especially for a large campus.

Call The Junk Pirates instead so we can remove what students leave behind, including microwaves, mattresses, and other paraphernalia. We even sweep the dorm rooms clean.


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We are here for you and look forward to helping you with ALL your junk removal needs. Call today to get started. Ahoy!

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