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Blimey! Renovation junk can pile up quickly.
We heave-ho that blasted junk out of your sight and swab the area clean.

Our Scheduled Renovation Junk Pick Ups

We provide the Springfield, MO, area with scheduled renovation junk pick ups. Renovating can be valuable time spent and well worth the trouble, especially when selling your home.

Renovations also produce huge, unwanted piles of trash that you have to figure out what to do with and where to dispose of it properly. Whether you’re involved in renovating your home yourself or a construction contractor renovating a commercial property, we can haul away all renovation debris.

You may need to renovate a room, update a bathroom, install new flooring, or do a complete overhaul to a property such as a restaurant. We can assist you during the process by periodically removing the debris that creates a distraction and can develop into a danger for your workers. Just call us at (417) 815-5865, and we will remove the trash while you are still renovating. And later, once you finish the work, we will swoop in again to complete the last pick up.

Have no worries about the amount of debris that needs to be removed during your renovation. We can handle the most dangerous and challenging construction materials by using our forklift for heavy and sharp objects. Some junk companies won’t pick up anything that requires more than two people to lift, making their services pretty useless during a major renovation.

You could rent an unsightly, expensive dumpster that takes up space in the yard or street, which generally requires a permit. And of course, you have to place the dangerous debris in the dumpster yourself. But why go to all that trouble when you can hire us to do it for you?

With our licensed debris removal professionals, we come to your renovation site, assess the amount of debris to be removed, agree on a price, and haul it away for you. Focusing on renovating instead of what to do with the junk that’s stacking up is needless and unproductive. Your mess is our mission. Yo! Ho! Ho!

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Junk Pick Ups
Renovation Benefits


We make home and commercial renovation easier. Let us focus on the debris while you focus on the improvement. The easiest way to make your renovation go smoother is to initiate a pick up when the junk first piles up. Depending on how extensive the renovation project is, we can periodically return to make the loads lighter, which is easier on your expense. We will then pick up the leftover construction materials and sweep the area clean.


If you’re involved in selling a house to flip it, many times, there are leftover items from previous homeowners. Instead of trashing junk, let us recycle and donate to those in need. And while we’re at your site, we can remove your renovation junk too.


Every construction contractor involved in renovation projects understands the danger involved. The risk increases along with the amount of debris you take on to remove yourself. Every renovation project will produce broken boards, nails, and sharp construction debris. When you request our junk pick up service, your safety factor improves exponentially.

Three Reasons our junk pick ups for renovations are different

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We are Equipped

Most corporate junk companies don’t remove anything that requires more than two people to lift. We have the needed equipment to lift just about anything—even a pirate ship!

Skull & crossbones icon.

Hazardous Materials

There aren't many junk companies out there that will remove dangerous materials for you like paint or kerosene. Just let us know before we arrive, and we will come prepared to rid you of any dastardly substances and put them in their proper place.

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Sunday Pickup

The third reason we are different than other junk removals businesses is that we pick your junk up on Sundays! What a great way to start the week junk-free!

We Do it All

A good pirate gets the job done. Our skills and training can handle the most challenging tasks. Let us know what service meets your fancy below.


Contact us to discuss your junk removal needs. We can give you a no-obligation estimate over the phone or a firm quote in person.

Schedule Your Pickup

Call (417) 815-5865 to schedule your pickup. Most days, we can come out the same day you call.

Get an Estimate

We provide a FREE estimate on the phone, or come out at no cost and give you a firm quote on-site.

Agree on Price

If you're happy with the price, we'll haul off your junk. If not, you have no obligation. It's really that easy.

Renovation Junk Pick Ups

For Construction Contractors

  • Major Renovations
  • Single Room Renovations
  • Multiple Renovations

The Junk Pirates serve numerous construction contractors in the SW Missouri area. We have the experience, manpower, and fleet to undertake any renovation project.

We recognize how necessary it is to keep a clear, organized construction site. Waste materials can contribute to safety risks and upset property owners. We have the team, trucks, and forklift to haul all your construction debris and to support you in maintaining your sites clean and safe.

By utilizing our services, you eliminate the need to rent a dumpster and having to get a permit from the municipality. There is also a considerable chance to damage driveways and lawns, potentially further upsetting homeowners. Our renovation pick up services will clean up your construction site thoroughly and recycle what we can. Our eye for detail will ensure all debris is removed.

We are not picky about what we will and won’t remove from your construction site. Because we are a qualified junk business company, we know how to handle all materials, including hazardous waste. We’re not a band of inexperienced college kids working through the summer trying to make extra money. We are seasoned pros who have been working in the junk trenches for decades.

Construction worker inside home surrounded by clean environment.

We will also work with you on a schedule. Typically, a renovation site will take several pick ups. Once the schedule is agreed upon, there is nothing else for you to do. We will clear out your junk, keeping your location in tiptop shape. As pirates, we are expeditious, reliable, with loads of perseverance. We are privileged to be your renovation junk pick up hearties!

Renovation Junk Pick
Ups for Homeowners

  • Remodeling
  • Single Room Renovation
  • Additions

We are the ideal solution for DIY renovation projects. Whether you’re upgrading a bathroom or building a significant home extension, we handle junk removal projects big and small.

All renovations generate wreckage. The resulting debris becomes a heavy-duty project all into itself. Knowing how to dispose of construction debris is vital to avoid city penalties and code violations.

Your regular trash pickup will not haul away construction waste. It is up to you to know what to do. DIY homeowners interested in improvement projects have three alternatives to handle renovation junk.

Remove It Yourself

The most arduous and time-consuming option is to remove the renovation waste yourself. This option will obligate you to pack your own vehicle with the debris and transport it to the town dump and recycling center. You will require significant manpower to lift the trash in and out of your vehicle. Activity of this nature is precarious and ripe for injury.

Rent a Dumpster

You could rent a dumpster and place it on your property. This option typically requires a permit. The dumpster rental company will place the bin on your lawn, which most likely will damage your property. You will also need a strong back and muscle power to lift the debris and place it in the dumpster. Just like the first option, renting a dumpster has a considerable ability for injury. The dumpster is also an eyesore potentially disturbing the neighbors, depending on how long your project lasts.

You will also need to identify the size of the dumpster to rent. If you miscalculate the volume of debris, meaning you overestimate or underestimate the size you need (a common mistake), you will needlessly waste money.

Call The Junk Pirates

The third option is to enlist professional junk removal experts for your DIY construction debris. With this option, you can focus on your project instead of worrying about what to do with the generated junk. We can make scheduled visits or clean up everything once you are finished.

Our renovation junk pick ups allow you to accomplish the job sooner since you’re not having to haul trash to a landfill or spend time renting a dumpster. When we pick up your waste, we provide green solutions that you don’t have to worry about.

We recycle plastic, wood, bricks, and other construction materials with exceptional competence. We even handle any hazardous materials, like paint and thinners, that most junk removal companies won’t touch, making us your one-stop junk removal solution.

Call us at (417) 815-5865 to arrange an appointment that works best for you. We can also schedule multiple pickups during your project if required, depending on the amount of debris that’s generated. It’s entirely up to you. On the last haul, we will tidy everything up, restoring your yard back to its original condition.

Examples of Renovation Junk Pick Ups

  • drywall
  • concrete
  • carpet
  • broken boards
  • nails
  • glass
  • plumbing fixtures
  • flooring
  • wiring
  • windows
  • scrap metal
  • appliances
  • toilets
  • bathtubs
  • tiles
  • bricks
  • paint
  • cement
  • rocks
  • adhesives
  • varnish
  • plastics
  • pipes
  • plaster
  • insulation
  • plasterboard
  • paint thinners
  • gasoline
  • wood beams
  • PVC siding


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We are here for you and look forward to helping you with ALL your junk removal needs. Call today to get started. Ahoy!

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