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Your Stomach Will Sink When You Hear What Happened To This Family

At Least We Could Do This A Fire Restoration Cleanup Story

Those devastating fires that displace families overnight always seem to happen around Christmas. They lived in a mobile home on a tract of land the wife inherited from her grandfather. 

The husband was out of a job, a layoff sweep at the plant. But they were determined to celebrate Christmas despite the lack of money. 

Yes, it was the Christmas tree that started the pre-dawn fire. 

Christmas lights left on during the night. Dried out Christmas trees can flare up and disintegrate in a manner of seconds. They were lucky, the smoke alarms warned them in time. 

They were able to escape with their lives and nothing else.

Not Your Normal Local Fire Restoration Cleanup

Usually, when we are called for a fire restoration cleanup, it is to remove burnt furniture and other objects that can not be salvaged. 

Or we remove hardwoods, countertops, and cabinets torn away by a restoration company after, as an example, a kitchen fire. 

Cleaning up after a fire is a difficult task requiring specialized equipment and procedures. If you’ve ever been in a building after a fire, you know that smell. 

It’s very distinct and almost impossible to remove. But our ozone generator completely eliminates the smoke odor molecules. 

Sadly, we didn’t need to use the ozone generator for this family or remove any burnt furniture and objects. 

In fact, there was nothing to remove inside the home at all because the house had burned to the ground!

What Do You Do When There’s Nothing Left

Residential fires cause extreme emotional distress. But when you lose everything, including the structure of your home, the challenge is almost impossible to bear. 

Our job was to clear the land entirely of burnt debris so the family could rebuild. 

You may think this would be too difficult of a task for a local junk removal company, but our forklift does the heavy lifting!

What We Did To Help

We felt good being able to help this family. We worked quickly so they could get back to the life they had before the fire. 

We understand the sensitivity involved in such a loss and know how to speak with the family with care and concern. 

When most companies would take advantage during their time of crisis by charging more, we charged less than we normally would for a job of this magnitude.


Because it was the right thing to do. We understood what this family was experiencing and how hard it was to have happened during Christmas. 

Charging them less meant they would have a little more in their pocket for other things they needed. This is just another example of our value-added service. 

We go above and beyond what is needed, take that extra step that most companies won’t take. We’re about our community, not making an extra buck off a family in need. 

And we believe doing the right thing only enhances our business, strengthens us so that we can continue to help others when need it the most need.

Mobile home debris after a fire.
The owner of the junk Pirates sitting on his blue tractor while removing outdoor debris.
Outdoor debris cleanup after a mobile home fire.


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