We Advise You To
Do Your Homework
Before Renting a Dumpster


What Happened to These People
Can Happen to You Too

Should You Rent a Dumpster or
Hire a Junk Removal Company

He finally had time to start his landscaping DIY project over Memorial Day weekend. He and his wife were looking forward to sitting in their new backyard on artificial grass surrounded by beautiful new trees and flowers.

The husband knew a job of this magnitude wouldn’t be easy, but he was looking forward to the challenge. The first thing he had to do was remove the top level of soil, which would require him to dig up the top three or four inches of the yard.

He knew what to do. He would rent a bobcat to dig up the dirt and rent a dumpster to hold the dirt.

Choosing the Right Size Dumpster to Rent is Crucial

The husband was a dentist. He wasn’t a landscaper or a contractor. He didn’t know what size dumpster to rent, so he consulted with the Dumpster Rental Company.

He explained his weekend project. “You need a 20-yard dumpster,” the company explained.

The husband said, okay. He didn’t know any better. He extracted teeth and examined gums for a living. He just wanted to know if they could deliver it before Memorial Day weekend.

Lots of Work, No Benefit

The husband toiled in the sun for ten long hours digging dirt and dumping it into the dumpster.

He stood with his hands on his hip, surveying the flat yard now ready for the turf. The hardest part of the project was complete.

He asked his wife to call the dumpster company to pick it up. They said they would be there on Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day.


But the dumpster company refused to pick the dumpster up when they arrived.


They said the dumpster was too heavy. That the husband had requested the wrong size dumpster.

“But this is the size you said I needed.”

It didn’t matter.

They said they could charge him for another dumpster. And then he could transfer the dirt in the old dumpster into the new one. Who would do that? And how?

The dumpster company didn’t know, said it wasn’t their problem.

So, the dumpster sat in front of the couple’s home for months. The wife complained. Then the neighbors complained. The husband didn’t know what to do.

Shoveling dirt into dumpster in Springfield, MO.
Digging dirt for dumpster in Springfield, MO.

Are You Curious if This is an Isolated Case?

Unfortunately, this story is not an isolated incident. You might be shocked by what you see when you search online for “dumpster rental” or “dumpster to rent,” followed by the word complaints. Or just check the BBB for dumpster rental where you find complaints like this one:

It has been a real struggle to deal with this company. I ordered a 30-yard container, and they delivered a 20 yard. I called the company to complain, and not only did they not help me, but they treated me very bad. I asked them to pick up their dumpster, and it has been more than a week, and the dumpster is still parked in my mother’s driveway. I had to hire another dumpster company that has made several attempts to deliver their dumpster, and each time they try and are unable to do so, they charge me $125. Calling the Customer Service line is totally useless. Operators hang up the phone, or they don’t answer. I feel I have no recourse to have this matter resolved. I finally called the credit card company and canceled their payment. I am in Georgia, and the dumpster is in Wisconsin what makes things more difficult for me. This is my 75-year-old mother’s home we are trying to sell, and this company has really hindered all our efforts, contractors, etc.

What You Can Do Instead

It’s good to know that there’s an alternative to renting a dumpster. If you like easy, if you like to pay less, and if you like things simple, The Junk Pirates if a better choice than renting a dumpster.

You’re probably already aware of the fact that people who hire us end up with a better outcome.

Can you imagine if the husband had hired us instead of performing all that work himself? And later to have such a miserable experience at the end.

Or the man who is trying to sell his mother’s home over a thousand miles away and can’t even get someone on the phone to help him?

There’s no more need to struggle with renting a dumpster. We know how to remove large piles of dirt. We have the equipment, and we have the experience. And we get the job done quickly and efficiently.

And, by the way, we remove more than dirt. We also remove rocks, gravel, concrete, and sand. We’ll even dig up the soil for you.

Why Us

We’ve “been there and done that.” We know how to tackle large jobs, and we care.

If the man’s mother had been our customer, we would have communicated with him long distance, told him what to expect, and kept him in the loop. Instead, he wasted time and money trying to deal with a dumpster rental company.

We Are Truthful

We Work Fast

We Understand

We Recycle

We Have Integrity

We Donate

We Answer the Phone

We Are Knowledgeable

We Are Neighbors

We Do The Work

We Minimize Injury

We Make Things Beautiful

See our Ten Spirit of the Law Principles and PIRATE Values.

But you know what the #1 reason is why you should work with us instead of renting a dumpster?

The main reason, and the only one that matters, is what other people think of us. When you read our reviews, you will probably pick up on a common theme: reliability, efficient, friendly, and affordable.

That’s why we are the best choice for junk removal in the Springfield MO area. Call us at 417-815-5865, so we can prove it to you!

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Unlike renting a dumpster, we charge by how much space the debris takes up in the truck. When you rent a dumpster, they charge you a flat fee based on the size of the dumpster. It doesn’t matter if you put a penny in it or fill the dumpster to the rim; the price remains the same.

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We do all the work! Instead of you doing all the heavy lifting and loading, we do it for you. You don’t have to worry about injury to yourself or employees. When you rent a dumpster, you are responsible for the work. Be kind to yourself and let us do our job so you can do yours.

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When you allow us to lift and load your debris instead of renting a dumpster, you save a tremendous amount of time and energy. Concentrate on your job at hand, not handling trash that we can do for you.

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You will likely need a city or county permit to rent a dumpster depending on your location. And no, the permits are not free. Of course, working with us, there are no extra fees. Relax and let us do the job we know how to do. 

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You are limited to what you can throw in a dumpster. This is especially annoying if you are involved in a renovation. Refrigerators, computer equipment, televisions, paint, and tires, as a few examples, are a big no-no. And if you throw any restricted items in the dumpster by accident, they will charge you hefty fees!

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Have you ever wondered where the stuff in a rental dumpster goes after it’s loaded up? Is it recycled? Donated? There’s a reason a dumpster is called a dumpster because it’s dumped at the dump. We pride ourselves on our environmentally friendly junk removal company. We believe in giving back first. Our process is to integrate recycling.

Why People Love Us

By now, you probably realize why you want to hire a junk removal company instead of renting a dumpster.

But you know what is the most compelling reason, the one we’re most proud of?

It’s our customers. Just read the unsolicited reviews here and here.

Our customers are the reason we do what we do. When someone leaves a heartful review like this one:

I reached out to them, and they met me the same day. They reviewed the piles of trash, furniture, and other items left behind by a previous tenant. They gave me the most reasonable quote I could have imagined and started work the next morning. In barely over a day, they had removed everything, cleaned the entire house, and removed all leaves and limbs from the yard. If you have something you need cleaned up or hauled off, call these guys, and they’ll get it done.

Or this one:

We hired Junk Pirates to haul off from our estate cleanout. Paul was quick to respond to give us an estimate and arranged the clean up immediately. I was very impressed with his coordination of the service and getting his employees on site promptly. The professionalism I received from the first call I placed to the office until the last truck drove away exceeded my expectations for this service. Highly recommend!

Reviews like there make our hearts soar. Making people happy is what we do. It’s not about junk, it’s about people.

Crucial Dumpster Rental Questions

When you’re involved in a house remodeling project, a significant clean out, or a landscaping project like our turf-laying friend, you probably think about renting a dumpster. This type of thinking is the first mistake most people make. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, renting a dumpster can quickly turn into a major nightmare.

That’s why I would like to suggest that you ask these five questions before you plop down money or give anyone your credit care.

1️⃣  Does The Cost Include Weight?

When you work with a dumpster rental company, they usually charge a rate based on the size dumpster you order. However, if you go over the weight like our landscaper friend, you will be in for a world of hurt. Be sure you not only find out what the tonnage rates are but also how much you will pay if you go over.

Also, ask if they have a fuel surcharge and if there are delivery and pickup fees.

2️⃣  What Happens if it Rains (or Snows, or Freezes)

Better hope for clear skies when you rent a dumpster. Can you imagine the weight of a dumpster full of water? And what about the items in the dumpster? Now you have heavy, water-soaked debris that will most likely put you over the weight limit. What will this cost you? It’s better to know upfront instead of hoping there’s no rain in the forecast.

3️⃣  What Are Your Local Laws?

You most likely will need a city permit to rent the dumpster. There are also dumpster rules and regulations on where you can place them and what you can put into them. It is also essential to check with your HOA to avoid any surprise fees.

And you should be aware that finding out about local laws and permits is your responsibility, not the dumpster rental company.

4️⃣  How Clean and Well-Maintained are The Dumpsters?

When you think of the word dumpster, it is doubtful you think of the word cleanliness. But having a clean and well-maintained dumpster is vital for health and aesthetics, especially if it’s placed in front of your home.

Make sure you inspect the rental company’s dumpster. Look for signs of wear like rusted panels and separated and make sure there’s no debris stuck in the bottom.

5️⃣  Where Will They Place the Dumpster?

Don’t just let the dumpster rental company dump the dumpster on your property, especially since it will sit there for days, maybe even months.

Your town will also have restrictions on dumpster placement. For example, some municipalities won’t let you place a dumpster on the street. It’s up to you to find out these things, not the dumpster company.

Knowledge is Power

If the husband, at the beginning of this article, asked these questions, he probably wouldn’t have a dumpster still sitting in his driveway and upsetting his neighbors.

And we haven’t even talked about what happens when someone dumps their own items into your dumpster in the dead of night. You don’t even know this happens until the dumpster rental company contacts you about the additional tonnage fee PLUS $50 charged per item the rental company will not take.

Call Us Now

I am sure by now that you can see the tremendous benefits of hiring a junk removal company, like The Junk Pirates, instead of renting a dumpster. Our promise to you is that you will be happy with your decision and will experience the benefits of working with us.

Just think about how you will feel not having to lug junk to a dumpster, not hurting yourself, and having a clean and beautiful environment that matches your handiwork.

I bet our landscaping friend wished he had called us instead of renting a dumpster. And now you can call too!

Call (417) 815-5865 right now so we can solve all your junk removal problems. We are your local dumpster rental alternative right here in the Springfield, Missouri area.

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