Should You Hire a Certified Hazardous Waste Service?

As a homeowner or business owner, hazardous waste disposal expenses can lead to a temptation to take shortcuts when disposing of your hazardous waste.

Or you may want to choose the cheapest disposal service without checking their credentials.

However, while these solutions may seem convenient, much is at stake.

Keep reading to discover what can happen when hazardous waste disposal is improperly disposed of.

Legal Liabilities

Legal Liabilities of hazardous waste

If your hazardous waste is disposed of inappropriately, it can open you to many legal liability risks.

State and governmental laws on hazardous waste make you and your company legally responsible for hazardous waste disposal by the company you hire – Junk Pirates.

If your hazardous waste management is incorrect, it is not only the waste disposal services company liable but you and your business.

Financial Threats

Financial Threat

If hazardous waste removal services are not done properly, your business can be liable for significant fines.

However, this is not the only threat that your business can face.

If your business is found legally liable for improper waste disposal, you may also be responsible for costs related to the consequences of that improper waste disposal.

These costs include environmental damage, federal penalties, and healthcare costs if the waste has resulted in medical injury to a person or persons.

You may also be liable for legal damages not covered by your insurance policies, which you must pay for out of pocket.

Negative Publicity

Negative Publicity

A significant problem that you can face is a hit to your reputation.

Today, any malpractice on the part of businesses is quick to hit the news and the internet and slow to vanish from people’s memories.

Damage to your reputation may be an intangible consequence, but it can be very costly for your business.

All of the time you spent building up your company will be for naught in the face of a single mishap, especially if it can potentially result in health problems for people.

Rebranding your company’s reputation will be time-consuming and expensive, and more than that, not a guarantee.

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